Eat Beef! Ollerich Family Says

Ollerich Feed Yards in Elkton, S.D. has grown over the years and owner Steve Ollerich does hire a hand or two. But it primarily remains a family business, with his daughter, Trish, and son-in-law, Kash Van Dyke.
“It’s something I always dreamed of, having a place like this,” he said.
Ollerich grew up by Garretson and farmed with his father, Robert, and worked the stockyards in Sioux Falls for 25 years Through his experiences he learned a lot about cattle and took ideas from others on how to best run an operation.
“You take a little from this one, a little from that one and it all adds up,” he said.
About 16 years ago, Ollerich bought the Elkton farm and started building the farm up over the next year and a half. He began custom feeding cattle for about two years before growing his own herd to 3,000. While Ollerich crop farmed for awhile, he gave that up as his cattle business grew.
Now Trish and Kash live on the Ollerich feedlot with their six-month old son, Koy. Trish said she’s known no other life. Even before her father purchased his own operation she helped him farm with her grandparents.
“When she was four years old she was riding a four-wheeler,” Ollerich said, adding, “I don’t think there’s anything on this feedlot she can’t do.”

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