Other great services offered to our customers

Ad Placement Service

Not only do we provide advertising in our core publications, we offer complete print advertising placement services. Our market specialists will recommend geographic or niche markets that will help your business grow. From there we take care of all the details. We will create a print campaign, manage the placement details, and provide detailed invoicing. You deal with one print specialist for all your needs.


Pipestone Publishing Co., understands that your business relies on a variety of printed products. You may use printed materials for marketing, internal job flow and tracking, or general communications. Whatever your specific uses may be, every business is concerned with making sure their printed materials effectively accomplish their intended use.

As you evaluate your business printing, we look forward to working along side you. We specialize in evaluation of current materials to assure they meet your businesses quality and use expectations. Distributing a poorly designed and printed marketing piece can do more damage than good, and developing an internal form that is hard to use can cost your operation time and money. We help you avoid these problems.

Backed by a professional design and efficient equipment, we offer both cost-effective and high quality printed materials, all with rapid turnaround.

We look forward to getting to know you and your business.


We understand that a properly designed ad, poster or other printing materials are critically important to making these materials generate the desired response from the readers.

We have a team of 6 graphic designers and efficient equipment, we will work with you to generate the ad or other marketing materials that represent your business the right way.

Web Site Development

You've thought about getting a website. Or, maybe you have a site that is tough to update. Our website creation technology is built to help you get your business online quickly and allows for easy day-to-day updating.

Our package includes original information posting, development of graphics, posting of photos, and full capability to manage posts via the Internet whenever and wherever you desire.

For additional details see our company website at www.pipestonepublishing.com.